Why should you choose an online cluedo for companies?

Online Cluedo for Companies

online cluedo for companies






online cluedo for companies

Online Cluedo for Companies

The Virtual Cluedo for Companies is an entertainment activity for strengthening interpersonal relationships between workers, sharpening your intuition and increasing your capacity of resolution while they have the challenge to solve a perfect crime. An activity to develop the ingenuity, logic and creativity of all participants. 

Like the traditional Cluedo Game, Virtual Cluedo will enable participants to develop team building values such as cooperation, detailing and healthy competence.  Thanks to versatility offered by new technological resources, your team will live an innovative and very original experience interacting live from anywhere.

Values applied in this Virtual Cluedo for Companies


You will interact with your teamwork to win this game.


You will have to collaborate with your team trying to make good decisions to win this team building.


Have a good communication with your team and try to listen everyone.


You will have fun in this traditional game with your colleagues.


Try to use your ingenuity and deduction ability to successfully complete the journey. 


Try to use your imagination to win this game with your team. 

Interactive experience of Online Cluedo for Companies

This Team Building develops intuitively and easily. Each participant will receive instructions about each character before the game starts. The setting of this game is set in the Wild West, attendees will have to find out who killed the Sheriff. The participants will be able to chat and exchange information to rule out suspects. Finally, all the characters will gather to make a round of accusations and thus imprison the culprit of the murder.

At the Online Cluedo for Companies, each participant will have to test their ingenuity and deduction ability to successfully complete the journey. In addition, it is important to use logic and not be guided by false impressions. 

Delve into this game of hidden mysteries and secrets!

online cluedo for companies
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Online Cluedo for Companies is an activity plenty of mistery and set in the Wild West. You will have to solve a crime using your logic, ingenuity and deduction. 

In this team building up to 500 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This activity is to have fun and be for one day a detective which is really exciting and you will enjoy it. It is perfect for developing your ingenuity, logic and creativity to solve the crime. 

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