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Online Quiz Who is Who





online quiz who is who
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Online Quiz Who is Who

Our Virtual Quiz Who is Who allows us to relive the typical game from our screens without losing the tradition and originality that made this game one of the most famous in our country. In this activity, participants can play from anywhere, applying their knowledge and demonstrating how much they know about their co-workers. 

You will have to send us previously a picture of each participant to put it in the template to choose which attendee will be chosen.

This online quiz Who is Who will take you back to those childhood memories. You will be able to enjoy and have fun with your colleagues again. 

The virtual quiz has a specific format and is personalized. We take care of everything and give you access so that each participant can connect at the same time. 

Values applied in this Virtual Quiz Who is Who


You will have to use your intuition to start asking the right questions about the mystery person. 



Also, you have to be the fastest to know who is the mystery person and win the game.



You will have to pay attention to the questions and answers of your colleagues in order to make progress.


You will previously know who the candidates for the mystery person might be, but you will have to pay attention and know who they might be.


Each participant will ask questions and the coordinator will give answers. So it is going to be a dynamic activity.

Resolution Capacity

You will have to think hard about who the culprit might be and guess before your colleagues do.

Interactive experience of Virtual Quiz Who is Who

This virtual team building is perfect to disconnect and have fun discovering who is the chosen one among the colleagues. You will have to make questions of yes or no. Do not forget to make the perfect questions before everyone discovers who is the mysterious person.


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Online Quiz Who is Who is a game which you will have to discover who is the mysterious person making questions of yes or no. The mysterious person is one of the attendees.

Yes, you can choose it before the game starts.

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This team building is perfect to have fun and to be the winner asking questions of yes or no. Is a fun and dynamic game which everyone have a good time.

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