Why Should you choose an ORIGAMI WORKSHOP?

Origami Workshop

Origami Workshop





Origami Workshop
Origami Workshop
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Origami Workshop

This Origami Workshop is a team building which you will have fun and enjoy with your colleagues by making objects by folding sheets of paper into shapes. 

We have four categories of Origami activities:

Virtual Workshop Paper’s Lights: A classic origami’s technique that will allow you to illuminate your place in a magical way. 

Virtual Workshop Paper’s Flowers: ¿Would you like to create your own flower bouquet? In this workshop, we will teach you how to do different paper flower types in order to give to someone, or having it at home to decorate your space with colors and magic. 

Virtual Christmas Origamis Workshop:  We will get you close to Japanese culture and aesthetics via the classical origami’s technique. An opportunity that will allow you to create 3D personalized figures, and give them volume with the aim to set your own space. 

Virtual Sustainable Packaging: A workshop where you will learn, step by step, how to create your own paper’s packaging with accessible materials that will allow you to convert the content into a unique and beautiful present guaranteeing the “wow” effect. 

Values applied in this Origami Workshop


You will have fun with your colleagues by doing funny shapes. 


You will know a little bit of this antient chinese tradition. 


This team building helps improve creativity. 


Interaction with your teacher and your colleagues


It is a dynamic activity where you can use recycled material.


Be the first to finish your origami works.


Unique Fun experience of Origami Workshop

This online team building for companies can be done from any site and mobile device. It is an activity to learn, distract and have fun with your colleagues. 

You will disconnect from the routine and learn about how to make objects to give a second live.

Origami Workshop
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Origami is a way of creating and expressing oneself based on knowledge of folding techniques. Through these techniques, the hands transform one of the noblest materials discovered by man into a sculpture, ornament or even a toy: paper.

In this team building up to 100 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This team building is an entertaining and unique activity which you will have fun with your colleagues. You will make different shapes with pieces of paper.

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