Why Should you choose a RANDOM VIRTUAL CHALLENGES?

Random Virtual Challenges

Random Virtual Challenges





Random Virtual Challenges
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Random Virtual Challenges

A game where participants will be divided into two teams, and they will face different challenges related to: cinema, music, sports, general knowledge, etc.

Challenges consist of questions, riddles, and random chosen challenges.

There will be a votation system carried out through a Zoom’s used option and its breakout rooms.

Enjoy this Random Virtual Challenges for companies where you will have to make teams to win the challenges and be able to win the activity.

This online team building is perfect to create a good environment with the participants and to increase the feeling of belonging in the company.

Values applied in this Random Virtual Challenges


You will have fun with your colleagues by answering random questions. 


You will have to work by teams to answer the quiz. 


You will have to communicate with your team to answer the questions. 


Work and let each member of your group speak to have a better result in the game.


You will have to be a team player because not everyone will have the same answers or thoughts as you.


Be the first to answer the questions of this online quiz.


Unique Fun experience of Random Virtual Challenges

This online team building for companies can be done from any site and mobile device. It is a quiz to learn, distract and have fun with your colleagues. 

A perfect option to promote companionship and develop a good atmosphere among colleagues and you will disconnect from the routine.

Random Virtual Challenges
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Online Music Quiz is a unique activity which you will have to answer different questions about different songs of the year and old songs.

Groups will be formed once everyone is connected to the online platform. 

In this team building up to 100 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This team building is an entertaining and unique activity which you will have fun with your colleagues by dancing and singing and at the same time responding the questions to be the winner in this game.

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