Why should you choose a virtual bingo for companies?

Virtual Bingo for Companies

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virtual bingo for companies
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Virtual Bingo for Companies

Virtual Bingo for Companies enjoy one of the most entertaining games of all time from the comfort of your home to anywhere in the world and all you need is an internet connection. 

There are no more excuses not to be able to perform a Team Building activity with your co-workers while enjoying the advantages that technology offers us to play a Virtual Bingo.

It strengthens relationships between workers, provides an activity they will enjoy and which they can disconnect from their daily routines.  

Personalized Bingo is a fun and interactive way to let participants compete, learn and have fun at the same time. It’s all about a live bingo, based in the traditional game, but instead of numbers being used, it uses personalized pictures, or animated gifts.

Our virtual personalized bingo can be played around specific general culture themes (celebrities, music, cinema…) or using your own corporate material (pictures and product or employees names…).

Values applied in this Online Bingo for Companies


You will have an entertaining activity with your colleagues.


You will have to listen at all times to try to win the game.


You will have to try to win the game before anyone else. 


You will have fun with this virtual bingo with your colleagues.


Virtual Bingo is the typical game that everyone has played before. Enjoy it virtually!


It is a dynamic activity that you will have to listen carefully where you can not get off for a second.

Fun experience of Virtual Bingo for Companies

Online Bingo is a game that we all know. The game is played individually and each participant will receive a card with a series of numbers, which will have to be crossed out when they hear their number called. As we all know, if you have a row of numbers, you have to call “Line”, the same happens when we complete the card with all the numbers then we have to shout Bingo! We will have our winner.

In addition to recharging your batteries before you return to your daily routine. The fact that the activity is virtual and allows the participation of a large number of people, makes it an ideal option for a group to meet without any restrictions. 

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Virtual Bingo for Companies is the traditional game that everyone knows. If you have a row of numbers, you have to call “Line” and when you complete the card with all the numbers you have to shout Bingo!

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

You will have fun with this traditional game but this time virtually! Enjoy this Virtual Bingo with your colleagues and disconnect from your daily routines.

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