Why should you choose a virtual body percussion workshop?

Virtual Body Percussion Workshop

virtual body percussion workshop





virtual body percussion workshop
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Virtual Body Percussion Workshop

Percussion Body is the art of creating sounds with your body as if it was an instrument. It is a fun Team Building activity to improve the relationship and coordination within the member of your team. 

Thanks to technology and the great resources available, the Online Body Percussion Workshop offers the participants a unique and innovative experience without the need to travel to anywhere. 

This Team Building is the perfect option to put into practice the coordination and creativity of the participants while they are enjoying themselves. In this activity they will work the corporate values of the company, group cohesion and listen through the elaboration of music with one’s own body. 

Values applied in this Online Body Percussion Workshop


It is an original activity which you will learn new sounds that you have never heard before.


You will have fun with colleagues and at the same time you will dance and make new sounds with your body.


You can ask questions to the teacher and also talk with your colleagues.



It is a unique experience which not everyone has the opportunity to have it.



You will learn new sounds with your body and how to move it to the rhythm of the music.



You will have to be motivated because you will have to dance and if you want to have fun, you have to enjoy the activity motivated.

Fun experience of Virtual Body Percussion Workshop

The Virtual Body Percussion Workshop consists of creating music using the hands, feet, thighs and every part of your body, making different sounds as if it were “musical cajón”. Under the guidance of a musical director, participants will learn different techniques and investigate sound possibilities through listening and the coordination of rhythm and movement. The assistants will develop their communication, confidence, complicity, concentration and intuition in order to create good sounds. 

The Online Body Percussion Workshop is the perfect way to promote the creative and artistic capabilities of the members. It is a good time to forget your obligations from work and enjoy this fun original activity with your co-workers.

Discover new sounds and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm!

virtual body percussion workshop
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Virtual Body Percussion is a unique experience which participants will enjoy and have fun. You will have create new sounds with your body as if it was an instrument. 

You don’t have to bring any kind of material. Enjoy and have fun to the rhythm of new body sounds. 

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This team building is perfect to have a fun and be entertained with this activity. You will have to listen and coordinate your body with new sounds. Is a unique experience to have fun with your colleagues. 

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