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Virtual Cocktail Workshop

virtual cocktail workshop





virtual cocktail workshop
Flavours & sensations

Virtual Cocktail Workshop

The Virtual Cocktail Workshop is designed for participants to learn from a professional barman how to design and prepare delicious cocktails that they can later prepare to surprise on special occasions. 

This Team Building is done through an online platform, where the participants can follow the process step by step from anywhere with an internet connection. 

In this Online Cocktail Workshop activity, participants can develop their abilities and they will be able to let their imagination run wild at the end of the workshop by creating their own combination. 

In addition, the Virtual Team Building Cocktails is customizable, it is designed to adapt to the different needs and requirements of each company. 

Values applied in this Online Cocktail Workshop


You will create new varieties of cocktails from a professional barman. 



You will experience new flavours and sensations on your palate.



You can ask questions to the professional barman about new varieties or which type of alcohol is better in each cocktail.


You will innovate new varieties in your cocktails.


You will have fun with your colleagues in this dynamic activity.



It is going to be an activity plenty of information and with a lot of questions that you will have during the activity.

Delicious experience of Virtual Cocktail Workshop

This Virtual Cocktail Workshop for Companies brings together all the necessary elements to have a marvelous day. Being online activity, we provide participants with the necessary resources to be able to attend from the comfort of any location. These digital resources make it possible to bring together a large number of people without any space restrictions or capacity constraints. 

In this Workshop, workers will be able to enjoy themselves while learning how to make different cocktails. To make this possible, we provide you with the materials and everything you need to offer a complete and personalized experience.

virtual cocktail workshop
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Virtual Cocktail Workshops is fun activity which you will design and prepare new delicious cocktails that you can later prepare to surprise on special occasions. 

No, you don’t. You will receive the ingredients before the activity. 

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

In this team building you will experience new sensations and flavours of your own cocktail creations. It is going to be a fun activity which you will enjoy it with your colleagues.

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