Why should you choose a virtual CSR Team building?

Virtual CSR Team Building

virtual csr team building





virtual csr team building

Virtual CSR Team Building

Virtual CSR Team Building is focused on working with one of the most important aspects of very company. Is one of the aspects that you can work from different areas and destined for different causes. 

This versatility allows us to carry out some actions with social objectives either to contribute to the environment or to help the most disadvantaged groups within our society. 

In this Team Building the participants will develop different creative abilities and work in groups with common objective. All the activities of this Virtual CSR Team Building are designed to be carried out anywhere and have a special social purpose

Values applied in this Online CSR Team Building


You will carry out solidarity actions providing your grain of sand to improve the environment.


It is important to support each other and do this social actions continuously and not just want time.


You will share this experience with your colleagues who share the same values as you.


It will be good to do new social actions such as KM0 Wine Tasting, social quiz.


You will cooperate with your colleagues doing social actions.


You will learn new concepts and social movements during this team building.

Social experience of Virtual CSR Team Building

Virtual Reforestation: every participant will receive a packet of seeds which they will be able to plant from anywhere, either from home or in the office. The plants will later be collected and planted in areas to help the reforestation of our environment. 

Km0 Wine Tasting: Participants will have the opportunity to test their five senses in this activity. Treating your palate to local products and at the same time promoting responsible consumption. 

Virtual Solidarity Quiz: In this Team Building activity the points obtained the participants are redeemable for donations for charitable purposes. Purposes such as summer scholarships for children at risk of exclusion. A motivation for employees to do their utmost to achieve the maximum score. 

Virtual Escape Room: The logic and ingenuity will be your best allies in this activity where the objective is to solve the tests and manage to escape in time. Teamwork is the key to success in this activity. The winning team will choose what choose charitable cause they want to donate their award to. 

virtual csr team building
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Virtual CSR Team Building is a solidarity activity which you will work different areas and destined for for different causes. For example, a virtual reforestation, a virtual solidarity quiz…

Yes, in each activity there are professionals who are going to teach you how the activity will work. 

Yes, you can choose from our variety of activities. We have Virtual Reforestation, Km0 Wine Tasting, Virtual Solidarity Quiz and Virtual Scape Room.

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This Team Building is perfect to develop your different creative abilities and to support social objectives for our environment.

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