Why should you choose a virtual Dance for team building?

Virtual Dance for Team Building

virtual dance for team building





virtual dance for team building
DYNAMIC & energetic

Virtual Dance for Team Building

Show us the artist in you in the Online Dance for Team Building. It is the perfect option to celebrate an online business event. The resources and tools that offer the technology make it possible to connect with users and transmit all types of content. 

Thanks to the professional dancers you will learn steps and dance styles from everywhere. It is the perfect way to disconnect from our daily routines and enjoy dancing. 

This Team Building can be adapted to your every need. It is a dynamic and fun activity for attendees. We adapt each dance style to our clients, this way we get a more detailed and personalized service

The Virtual Dance Team Building activity has the added value of being online, which is more comfortable for participants and they don’t have to worry about maximum number of participants.

Values applied in this Online Dance for Team Building


You will have to move your body and be motivated. 



You will learn new steps and dance styles from a professional dancer.



You will need to be motivated to learn new steps and have fun with this dynamic activity.


You can ask questions to the professional dancer and he is going to help you in any way he can.


You will learn how to move and learn the basic steps to have a good rhythm for any next occasion.


You can help your colleagues if they get lost or need your help to continue the activity.

Entertaining experience of Virtual Dance for Team Building

The Online Dance for Team Building consists of a masterclass where the professional dancers show you practice different dance steps and techniques through the screen. The attendees can follow the personalized class in which they will learn a choreography that at the end of the course they will have to show to the other attendees. 

During online dance, the teacher will teach you every step of the different dances. As it is online this makes it easy for each member to intervene or ask any questions. At the end of the course the choreography will be recorded on the online platform. 

Enjoy this unique experience and plenty of rhythm!

virtual dance for team building
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Virtual Dance for Team Building is a fun activity which you will learn steps and dance styles from professional dancers who are going to teach you through the screen. 

Yes, you can choose the dance style adapted to your company and also adapted to your attendees. 

The professional dancers are people dedicated to the world of dance with several years of teaching experience. 

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This team building is perfect if you want to disconnect and have fun with your colleagues while dancing to the rhythm of the music. You will have professional dancers who will teach you some steps and dance styles. It is a fun and a unique experience to enjoy with your colleagues.

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