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Virtual Haka Team Building

virtual haka team building





virtual haka team building
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Virtual Haka Team Building

In this Virtual Haka Team Building, participants can learn the traditional maori dance, best known through the All Blacks, the New Zealand national rugby team. 

Haka is a collective dance combined with vigorous gestures and screams which in the Maori tradition is used for various purposes such as celebrations of all kinds as a symbol of hospitality but also of defiance of rivals. 

This is ideal to get to know each other and improve the relationship between participants. 

In this Team Building, participants who connected from anywhere can learn this traditional maori dance in a fun and dynamic way. 

This Online Haka Team Building is perfect for participants to let go and leave embarrassment behind in front of their co-workers while they are enjoying this dynamic and attractive activity.

Values applied in this Online Haka Team Building


You will move your body and learn new steps of the traditional maori dance.


It is an original and fun activity to enjoy with your colleagues.


It is an activity focus on teamwork and from the rugby team All Blacks.


This team building is a powerful activity which you will have to give 100% of yourself.


You will cooperate with your colleagues and communicate with them.


It is an activity which you will learn the traditional maori dance.

Interactive experience of Virtual Haka Team Building

Virtual Haka Team Building offers multiple tools to give a complete and personalized experience in each case. From any device, participants can have access to the activity and participate in this dynamic dance. This Team Building is directed by Haka professional, who will teach participants each step and every movement, they will also have their faces painted to recreate the real Haka dance. 

This activity is perfect for very organization. Participants will feel like the real protagonists and it is a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship between co-workers and increase the feeling of belonging in the company. 

Discover the Haka dance and let yourself be carried away!

virtual haka team building
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Virtual Haka Team Building is an activity which you will learn the traditional maori dance. You will practice new steps and movements of this dance. Also you will have your faces painted to recreate the real Haka dance.

Yes, in each activity there are professionals who are going to teach you how the activity will work. 

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part.

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This Team Building is perfect to leave your embarrassment behind in front of your co-workers and enjoy this original and fun activity with your colleagues.

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