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Virtual Wine Tasting

virtual wine tasting





virtual wine tasting
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Virtual Wine Tasting

The online wine tasting offers you a new experience of sensations and flavours that you will never forget. This activity has everything you need, it can be done from anywhere, it is online!

You will discover different varieties and types of wine, from the professionals sommeliers who are experts in the wine culture. 

It doesn’t matter what platform you use, you will be able to enjoy this activity that approaches the oenological, historical and interesting world of wine. 

In this team building activity of virtual wine tasting you will see it is the ideal opportunity to have a new experience and to know how to recognize good wine. This keeps employees an opportunity to live an unforgettable online experience without giving up the essence of a traditional tasting.

Values applied in this Online Wine Tasting


You will experience new flavours and the taste of each of the wines.


You will learn about the culture and their characteristics of each wine.


This experience will be very enriching for all attendees.


You can ask any question to the professional and you will also have to listen because they will  teach you all you need to know about wine.



The world of wine has a lot of history and background which is interesting when you taste each type of wine. 


In this activity you will learn a lot, but at the same time you can taste new variety of wine. It is going to be a thoroughly enjoyable activity plenty of questions from attendees.


Unique experience of Virtual Wine Tasting

This workshop of online wine tasting offers the participants all the tools they will need to enjoy a unique and enriching experience. Before the start of the course, the members will receive the wine collection so they will be able to carry out the activity from their own home. Through the online platform, the participants will be able to attend the course live led by a sommelier who will give guidelines to learn and to benefit from this fascinating activity. 

This activity is perfect to test your knowledge of wine or to be your initiation into this spectacular and extensive oenological world. It is the perfect way to disconnect from your routine and increase the feeling of belonging within the company. 

virtual wine tasting
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The Virtual Wine Tasting is an activity gives you the opportunity to taste new flavours and different variety of wines. During the activity you will taste each wine with the guidance of a professional sommelier.

You will not have to buy the wine. Before the start of the course, each member will receive the wine collection at home so they will be able to carry out the activity.

Yes, you can choose which type of wine do you want, only white wines, red wines, rosé wine or a mix. Each company can choose the variety they want.

In this team building up to 200 attendees can take part. 

The activity can be done from any device and from anywhere. 

This team building activity is one of the most unique and enjoyable activities where you will be able to enjoy the oenological, historical and interesting world of wine.

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